Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hello September!





Finally! September! yuhuu~ my 2nd special month has come~^^

i can't believe it, it's already September~ omg THE TIME IS FLYING SO DAMN FAST :o

Goodbye my 1st special month, August :(
but, Hello my 2nd special month, September^^

why August is a special month?
because in August, there's my one and only bias birthday! who? of course it's Yesung^^
and don't forget there's Super Junior' killer smile, Kim Kibum birthday too!^^

why September is a special month?
because, First! 19 September is my 15th Birthday! yay!
28 September is Shindong birthday!

oh! almost forgot! hehe

14 September is my Fav Actor's birthday, Lee Jong Suk and GG TOUR INA! yayayayaya!

oh right, at my last post, i'm saying that i will dying my hair. nah it's done!
i'm already dye my hair yay!
i will post a review later! hehehe
wait ya!^^

okay bye bye!

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