Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Liese Bubble Hair : Chestnut Brown Review~!

I love trying new things. and I really like changing my hair color. I always looking for a safe hair dye, because i didn't want to damage my hair. once  when I was take a look at Etude House products I find  "Etude House Bubble Hair". Then I had a look at the reviews some people about the product. and they say dye your hair with foam or bubble is very easily. so I was curious and tried Etude House Bubble Hair. I chose Dark Brown. because it was my first time coloring hair. and it is true, it is very easy. same as being shampooing. I'm so addicted and want to re-coloring my hair with it.

but then I choose to wear Liese Bubble Hair. because the color choices are many and so interesting! I want to try a lighter color I finally chose Chestnut Brown.

I waited for 5 days until Liese arrived!

 and finally my Liese has arrived~! ^^

 the box is smaller than Etude House

Chestnut Brown^^

Let's look what inside the box!!^^

let's start it!!~^^
don't forget to change your clothes, it will be dirty haha~

Sorry i don't show the step or something like that. because my camera turned off. low battery-___-

and now i'm finish! don't forget to clean the mess haha~
now done!
after shampooing~ 
did you already see the color? 

okay! here it is. BEFORE AND AFTER Picture~



isn't it pretty? haha~
i love the color so much! and i think it suit me well :p


and now after a month my hair looks like this ~

 room light.

 normal light.

 normal light + flash.


i really love the color~it become so natural.
but, when under the strong sunlight, the color looks like orange/?  reddish color.
i'm okay with it..
but my mom super HATE IT.

when i was standing under the sunlight my mom always say "your hair color so ugly"

okay mom i get it, i will change it again. did you happy?!-___-
Love you mom.

i will wear liese again. i pick Elegant Ash.why i pick that color?
it's because I want a darker color. actually i want to choose Black shade before. but, i really didn't want my hair color looks DEEP BLACK.  so i think the safe choice is Elegant Ash-__- i hope it will not shown a reddish color again-___-

today my liese come~
i will post the review again.

Bye Bye~!^^


  1. gosh I really need to dye my hair into deep black so bad u.u

  2. where did you buy the liese hair dye?

  3. Your review cracks me up. My mom hated my hair color too when I dyed it a lot a few years back....but I think to anyone that is considering buying Liese or any hair product for that matter...if you have black hair, please do not use these products without bleaching your hair first and using a toner (if needed). Liese will not turn your hair exactly like the box and it will eventually fade to an awful copper/orange/red color over time.