Monday, February 25, 2013

Dear, Super Junior's Yesung..

Yesung Oppa..

Kim Jong Woon...

Thanks. You are really great. You managed to change my self. Changed my life. Changed everything. Even, you never did anything to change me. But,, something about you that gives me great effect.
You are like rainbow that coming dazzlingly into my heart...
My heart keep thumping even for your little smile. 
My heart really hurt when i see you Crying. 

When I first knew you. I feel like I live to know you ..

I love you not as a  fans. I can't express my feeling to you with just one word or one sentence. i think i need my whole life to express my feeling to you... I really falling in love with you. 

If I had to choose to breathe or loving you. then I'll use my last breath to say I love You ... Kim Jong Woon. 

My beautiful Dream is to Loving You in my entire life. 



Everyone has a dream, right? 
I have a dream. 
Become an idol. 
Being an SM's artist .
You know that, right? SM Entertaiment? one of the largest artist management in Korea. 
Yes. I wanna be one of SM's artis. 
You think it is impossible? Of course not. it's not impossible. 

Super Junior.

Do you know super junior? Ya,, They taught me the meaning of sacrifice, unity, hard work, family, never give up, and ...  love.  They are my INSPIRATION. 

How much i love Super Junior? just count the stars..That's impossible, right? So is explaining how much I love Them ;)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Intro ^^

It looks like I have to introduce myself ..

okay ...

So, i was Indonesian. I'm 14 years old.
I'm a girl, i think y'all already know that right? xoxo.
I really like all the things that concerned with K-pop.
Cho Ji eun is my Korean name.

My real name? looks like I don't have to explain it here right?

umm.. y'all can meet with me on Twitter (@ Turtlewoon_ ), and Instagram ( Kimikimocho). follow me okay? kkk

Thank you^^

Korean Name >< ugh!

ahhh~ Confused! confused!
i have so many korean name, and i should pick one!!
i love all of them._.

Here is..

  1. 박서상  :  Park Seo Sang
  2. 김신제  :  Kim Shin Jae
  3. 박지은  :  Park Ji Eun
  4. 김윤희  :  Kim Yoon Hee
  5. 초지은  :  Cho Ji Eun
ahhh~ confused.. 
sometimes, i ask my friend, to pick one of them... and my friend was just say " heh?! i didn't know what that means" or "i love all of them"

ahh~ still confused...

but i should pick one of them... and hah... i pick  초지은  :  Cho Ji Eun.

what do you think? isn't it cute?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Syndrome :|

Morning!^^ Happy Saturday..

Did u all know .. i really love everyting about Korea. I love K-Pop so much!! and the important thing is.. I Love Super Junior so much!!♥^^

and i... I went to the Hospital before, do u all know what the doctor said?
He said i got the..................................... cant-stop-loving-SuperJunior syndrome.

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL..... Kidding! sorry! 

haha... Happy Saturday^^