Wednesday, January 8, 2014

ELF . . What happend ?

06 JANUARI 2014.

Berita duka itu datang.
Park Jung Soo kita kehilangan ketiga anggota keluarganya yang terkasih. Ayah, Kakek, dan Neneknya telah pergi untuk selamanya. Bukankah ini sangat menyakitkan? Mereka pergi begitu cepat. Tanpa memberi tanda atau salam perpisahan.

Senyumannya pun meredup ..

Leeteuk kita adalah pria tegar yang selalu tersenyum dengan tulus. Dia memberi begitu banyak kebahagiaan untuk ELF melalui air mata, keringat, dan kerja kerasnya. Kita mengenal Leeteuk dgn baik bukan?

Lalu rumor mulai muncul. Seseorang mengatakan mereka bunuh diri dengan alasan ekonomi (dan Leeteuk kita dipersalahkan karena di anggap tidak mampu melindungi keluarganya dengan baik) Orang yang lain mengatakan mereka dibunuh oleh sasaeng fans.
Lalu ELF menjadi bingung. ELF menjadi terpecah. ELF berspekulasi tentang hal yang tidak pada tempatnya.

Leeteuk kita sedang berduka. Dia kehilangan ke tiga anggota keluarganya sekaligus. Tidak bisakah kita menundukan wajah dan berdoa utk ketenangan Ayah, Kakek, Neneknya? Tidak bisakah kita memberi dukungan dengan doa dan kalimat penyemangat? Apa yang sudah kalian lakukan ELF?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Stay Strong Park Jung Soo ♥

I just woke up from nap and saw the news...

Leeteuk's Father and Granparents are passed away ...
why must this happen to him...

i really can't believe this so much ..
i don't want to see our leader crying again :'<

and then someone tweeted this pic . .

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특 오빠 힘내 ㅠㅠ
삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다..

it breaks my heart so much ..
but, heaven has gained new angel :')

So many K-pop idol and Other fandom are tweet a support to him ..
I really touched how lot of idols came to give support for teuk and family.
and i'm very thankful for that :') thank you for your support to our leader ..


Leeteuk oppa, he is always stay by our side and protect us.
ELF, now it's our turn .. to always stay by his side and protect him. :')
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This year we will be gonna trough many moments..stay strong my fellow ELF. we are one, right?
No matter what the reason behind their deaths ... we should always support Our Leader.

"Even an Angel need helps when his wings are broken .."

May God bless you and your family during this time and always. We're thinking and praying for you always. Please stay strong Park Jung Soo♥

Friday, January 3, 2014

My Holiday Trip!^^

Yo!! Happy New year! okay. i know i'm late kkk

So yeap i'm back, and bring my holiday trip story ..

you know, in holiday we used to be happy rite?
but .. but... i don't know why this holiday .. i'm not so happy .. i was like boring and want to go back to home ASAP ;_;
i just a little bit enjoyed. maybe its because i'm tired or what?
but how i'm tired with that short trip-_-

nah. before i was say 'gonna tell you my holiday story' rite?
but i'm lazy haha

maybe next time i will-_-

k. bye.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

49 Days | My fav korean drama

did you already watch 49 days?
omg. I FCKN love this drama so much;_;
i know i watch it a bit late. i know.

arghhh. i still can't forget the feeling when i watch that;_;
the story was so touched ..
make me want to cry all the time ..

and uh oh, scheduler -i forgot his real name lol- was so handsome omg ;A;

he was a happy-go-lucky guy who has been working as the Scheduler for almost 5 years. He does not retain any memories of his past; thus, he rarely evinces any sympathy towards humans. Nevertheless, after meeting the troublesome 49-day traveler Shin Ji-hyun, his perspective has changed, he even violated a few rules pertaining to his duty as a scheduler to help her myriads of times.

and nam gyu ri -as shin ji hyun- sooooooo prettyyyyyyyyy i envy her ..
and looks so cuteee

in this drama she was a beautiful, pampered yet kind bride-to-be. From the start of the series, Ji-hyun evinces deep feelings for her seemingly perfect fiance, and strong attachment to her friends. She is nicknamed "Optimistic Princess" by her friends because she was known to view situations through rose-colored glasses prior to the accident. Throughout the drama, Ji-hyun develops the most as a character. While she gradually learns to accept the harsh realities of life, she is still able to maintain her faith in the goodness of others.