Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Korean name~

ugh! right! i haven't tell anybody!


Guess what?
i change my Korean Name AGAIN. lol xD

At first. My Korean Name is Park Seo Sang.
and then i change it to Cho Ji Eun
and then now i change it again.

and now become ................. SONG HANA

isn't it cute?

i pick this name because it have a same meaning with my real name.
i'm the oldest child. i'm the first~
' Hana' in korean means 1 ( one )
and my real name is Ika Septiana. People call me Tia.
' Ika ' in indonesia could also be interpreted to be 1 (one)

so.. that is the reason why i change my korean name to Song Hana. lol. understand? hehehe

i really love this name. i hope i'm not gonna change my korean name again. lol

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