Thursday, February 7, 2013

Korean Name >< ugh!

ahhh~ Confused! confused!
i have so many korean name, and i should pick one!!
i love all of them._.

Here is..

  1. 박서상  :  Park Seo Sang
  2. 김신제  :  Kim Shin Jae
  3. 박지은  :  Park Ji Eun
  4. 김윤희  :  Kim Yoon Hee
  5. 초지은  :  Cho Ji Eun
ahhh~ confused.. 
sometimes, i ask my friend, to pick one of them... and my friend was just say " heh?! i didn't know what that means" or "i love all of them"

ahh~ still confused...

but i should pick one of them... and hah... i pick  초지은  :  Cho Ji Eun.

what do you think? isn't it cute?

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